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Expect nothing less than quality service. We are here to make you look and feel your best with our Waxing, a method of hair removing. whether you're ready to show off your smooth skin and elegant long legs, feel comfortable in your bikini or a Ball dress, want a carefully groomed body, or you just want to remove unwanted hair from your face especially the out-of-control eyebrows, waxing is for you.  Waxing removes large amounts of hair at one time and removes the root of the hair follicle to slow down it re-growth rate.  It is a less painful, long-lasting, and the most affective way to remove hair compare to plugging, shaving, and threading.
We use both hot soft Honey Wax with strips and non-strip hard Wax products.  If this is not enough, we have Sugaring services here for your choice.
 We have a large number of waxing services to serve your every need.
Brazilian, bikini, brows waxwaxing and facialBrows -------$8
Lip ----------$5
Chin -------$10*
Full Face---$35*
Full Arms--$35*
Half Arms--$25*
Under Arms-15*
smooth satin finish  legs with our leg waxing
Men's Chest or Back-$40*
French Bikini---------$40*
Full Legs--------------$60*
Half Legs--------------$35*
*Prices are vary depending on the amount of hair to be remove.
waxing services for menunderarms waxing
If breakout seems to be a problem for you every time you get a waxing done, you won't have to deal with that no more.  At CK Nails & Spa, we had done some extensive researches to find the right products for this problem and we are proud that we had found and implemented the most natural remedies for our waxing clients.  In-grown, blackheads, irritation, dry itchy skin, etc. are the enemies of our skin and post-waxing nightmares.  We understand the situation and we're here to fight them.
***At this time, we ONLY offer upper body waxing services for men.
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